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The Bark
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Dog Activity Toys
Nina Ottosson calls her Zoo Active Products "party games" for dogs, and - judging by the enthusiasm dogs display when they play with the toys - she's definitely on to something.
Read the full interview with Nina Ottosson in the May-June 2008 issue of The Bark magazine
Best of British
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For Whom the Bell Tolls
The history of the English handbell goes back to medieval times. It is likely that the handbells were developed to enable the "real" bell ringers to practice without disturbing the whole village. Of course, being portable, the handbells could also be practiced in somewhat more pleasant surroundings, such as the local pub, than a drafty church bell tower.
You can read of Robin Bell's experiences as a handbell ringer in the April 2008 issue of Best of British magazine
I Love Cats
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Picasso is a Norwegian Forest cat. Pure white fur but with the traditional one yellow and one blue eye. He was born, along with his seven siblings in July 1995. He was the runt of the litter and it was soon obvious that Picasso had some problems - he was much smaller than the rest of his family and seemed likely not to survive.
Read the full story in the May-June 2008 issue of I Love Cats magazine.
Let's Talk Magazine Short Story Let's Talk Magazine Short Story Competition 2007
The Keep was an entry in the Let's Talk Magazine Short Story Competition 2007. The story centres around an ancient Norman castle somewhere in East Anglia, England.
I Love Cats
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A Cat called Grey
Grey has survived being run over. He has survived major surgery and internal infection. He thought he had used up the rest of his nine lives when his owner's house burned down. Missing for two days, Grey turned up with singed whiskers and badly burned ears and paws.
You can read his full story in the November - December 2008 issue of I Love Cats magazine.
On-Line Articles
On-Line articles by Robin Bell. Click on the link in the left column to read the complete article.
Chillibreeze An Eco-Friendly Car
This article describes a unique car developed in Karlstad, Sweden, that runs on trees
Not the old bio-gas theme. This car uses an old technique called the Stirling Cycle to produce electricity from wood pellets. You can even use it as a small power station for your house....
Lantern Books Essay Finalist Lantern Books Essay Competition 2007
This essay was a finalist in the Lantern Books 2007 Essay contest. The topic was:
How far does personal responsibility extend when it comes to the environment or other issues affecting the planet?.
Karlstad, Sweden Karlstad, Sweden: A Cultural Revival in the City of Sola
A tradition of warmth and sunshine and a growing musical culture are not usually associated with the word Sweden, but a small town in central Sweden is rapidly putting itself on the musical map of the world.
Classic Guitars Classic Guitars of the Fifties and Sixties
The 1950's was the decade that saw the birth of rock'n'roll, transistor radios and stereo recordings. It was the combination of these events that led to the incredible upsurge in the popularity of the electric guitar. As musicians...
Guitar Heroes I was sitting at home the other day, watching the sunshine reflecting off the snow covered fields outside, when I started thinking about the great guitarists. I suppose everyone has their own favourites, their own top ten of musical greats who can...
The Sixties Remembered I am a typical baby-boomer. I was born at the end of the forties, went to school in England and then on to Technical College in London in the mid-sixties. But my brother is six years older than I and it was through him that I first heard...
The Spotnicks Like many groups of the early sixties, the Spotnicks (originally called The Phrases) served their apprenticeship in the clubs and bars, working long and late shifts.
Peter Green When someone mentions Fleetwood Mac, most people will automatically think of Mick Fleetwood or John McVie - after all, the name of the band comes from these two founder members. But don't forget that the original name of the band was...
Pirate Radio The burst of pop music that exploded in England in the early sixties revealed the scarcity of radio stations catering for the youth culture of the time. The government owned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had very little appeal to the young population hungry to hear the latest 'hits.'
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band One group stands out among the craziness of the 1960's. In an era of rock'n'roll excesses, anything goes attitudes and pure insanity no collection of human beings could top the Bonzos.
Classic Gear of the 50s and 60s Music It wasn't just the classic guitars of the 50's and 60's which helped to shape the sounds of rock'n'roll. While each guitar maker had their own strengths (and weaknesses) the overall sound was shaped also by the equipment used on stage and in the recording studios.
Package Tours The concept of a concert featuring just one group or artist was a rare phenomenon in the early sixties in England.

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