First edition - ISBN 978-91-981283-5-2 - 68 pages - 5.83in x 8.26in paperback

For young authors and artists who have grown beyond classic My Adventures, Advanced My Adventure early reader / chapter books are intended for children ages eight to eleven. The familiar blanks in the story are still there, as are periodic open spaces for artwork, but now the topics are more detailed, the stories longer and the ideas more vast and varied. Just as classic My Adventures gave a child the feeling of publishing their own picture book, older creators will be inspired to hold their own real book in their hands.

Is there a future novelist or scholar in your household?
Let Advanced My Adventures help you find out

  • Commissioned by a newspaper
  • Travel to Scotland
  • A rude awakening
  • Was it the Monster?
  • Castle Urquhart
  • A meeting with Hector
  • Night-time on the Loch
  • A storm
  • Capsized!
  • Into the depths...
  • Saved
  • An underwater cave
  • Riding a monster
  • Was it a dream?
  • A tough decision

What an adventure!.

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