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The Road to the Hermitage

First edition - 180 pages - 63 Illustrations - 6in x 9in paperback - Graphic design by Robin Bell
eBook edition - ISBN: 978-91-981916-3-9 - Available for iPad, Smartphones
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The Road To The Hermitage is a story of one man's attempt to find satisfaction through isolation. Robin Bell purchased a 100 acre farm in the remote Southern Highlands of New South Wales and lived there with just his dogs for companionship for 2 years. During this time he was entirely reliant on the sun, wind and rain for his basic power and water needs.

Outside normal mobile phone coverage and with a sometimes-unreliable fixed telephone connection, he was at times cut off from the rest of the world by rising floodwaters in the Abercrombie River. Despite the remoteness, Robin managed to build extensions to his small cottage, run a successful computer consultant business, grow olives and grapes and supply himself with homegrown vegetables.


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